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Actively engage with world issues to re-imagine solutions for all people – in Australia and abroad. You could follow in the footsteps of other free thinkers who have investigated and authored books about prisoners of war, been involved in disaster recovery efforts and even become mayor.

Where could a humanities & social sciences degree take you?

Business and government will always have a need for critical and creative thinkers. Studying humanities and social sciences at Murdoch will give you the skills, insights and knowledge to think deeply and create change in a meaningful way. It will help you to understand the past to re-think the future and give you the tools to help others. You could:

  • work overseas as a translator, teacher, diplomat, journalist or in the tourism industry
  • advocate for human rights as a community worker or policy advisor
  • take action on important issues as a human service officer, overseas aid worker, or refugee and migrant support specialist, or
  • give issues a voice as a historian, journalist, foreign correspondent or by working in politics.

Why study humanities & social sciences at Murdoch?

See the world through a different lens

Studying humanities and social sciences gives you a lens to look at the world on a deeper level. On any day you could be surrounded by like-minded people, people who have a passion for creating positive change for Australia and the world.

If you’re looking for a different perspective to study, why not balance your theoretical learning with a global internship opportunity in Indonesia or Japan. If you’re looking for something local, learn from the best during a hands-on industry placement at some of WA’s leading businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations.

Do you have multiple interests? Explore our double majors, offering you two specialisations that could be completed in the same period of time.

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