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Countries undergoing dramatic transformations reassess the rules and institutions that underpin their economic, political, social and cultural governance. We investigate the underlying forces driving policy development in the contemporary Asian region.

Our focus includes:

  • political representation, accountability and transparency
  • political party and electoral reform
  • constitutional rules and new forms of authoritarian and democratic rule
  • new trade architectures in the Asia-Pacific
  • public policy implementation and public sector administrative reforms including the economics of health policy
  • social policy, aid and development practices
  • state money laundering, anti-corruption strategies and the role of integrity agencies.

Understanding the factors influencing emerging policy responses in the region informs Australia’s diplomatic and trade relations and advocacy work on issues of international concern.

For more information email cluster leader Dr Jeffrey Wilson or call 9360 2812.

Dr Jacqui Baker

Dr Yvonne Haigh

A/Prof. Jane Hutchison

Prof. Kanishka Jayasuriya

A/Prof. Terence Lee

Dr Kimberly Moloney

A/Prof. Francesco Paolucci

Prof. Benjamin Reilly

E/Prof. Richard Robison

Prof. Garry Rodan

E/Prof. Ian Scott

Prof. Xiaowen Tian

A/Prof. Peter Waring

Dr Ian Wilson

Dr Jeffrey Wilson (cluster leader)

Dr Yingchi Chu

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