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Security issues are at the heart of policy and governance challenges in Asia. We are looking to investigate how this impacts everything from the environment to human rights.

We examine traditional forms of security in Asia, and extend it to consideration of issues concerning the environment, health, food, infrastructure, migration, and political and ethnic violence, and how these influence the livelihoods, rights, choices and opportunities of individuals in the contemporary Asian region.

We question how security priorities are determined, how new modes of security governance emerge, and their implications for social and political rights, poverty, and environmental degradation. Studies include infrastructural violence, the dynamics of illicit economies, and the intersection between rights, peace-building and critical security studies.

For more information email cluster leader Dr Ian Wilson or call 9360 2500.

Dr Jacqui Baker

Dr Rajat Ganguly

Dr Victoria Mason

A/Prof. Carol Warren

Dr Ian Wilson (cluster leader)

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