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At Murdoch University, we strive to provide an outstanding educational experience for every one of our students.

Our courses, teaching facilities, support services and academic leadership programs are all designed to fully engage our students and provide them with an integrated learning experience that prepares them for the future – either in full-time employment or further studies.

The Murdoch experience


Murdoch’s innovative curriculum offers courses that provide students with disciplinary expertise, alongside career skills and research knowledge.

Our courses are designed in partnership with industry and professional bodies. This provides our graduates and their employers with career opportunities designed for the future.

Career-based learning underpins all our undergraduate courses from the first year of study. We run unique units, programs, and seminars for postgraduate coursework and research students, to arm them with the knowledge and skills required for their advanced levels of study.

In an increasingly digital world, we’re extending our offering of flagship courses and units to students who wish to study online, or combine campus-based learning with online studies.

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