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Get a head start at Launchpad! By attending events and connecting with our network of like-minded people, we offer unique opportunities to develop your business skills and innovative thinking.

Launchpad provides you with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with business experts and entrepreneurs. We host a variety of events throughout the year including industry talks, workshops and seminars.

Launchpad Academy

Do you have an innovative idea to share with the world?

Join Launchpad Academy and be part of the next generation of entrepreneurial thinkers to be in the running for $10,000 to make your idea happen… all while picking up study credits.

Launchpad Academy puts you on the fast track to entrepreneurial know-how, supporting you to think bigger, discover new skills and experiences and show your potential to the world!

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Connect and learn

Launchpad is a place to develop your business skills, build connections, learn from business experts and entrepreneurs, and gain experience in the innovative entrepreneurial world. You can:

Become part of a community

The best ideas are often formed and developed through collaboration. By being part of our student community, you may be able to offer your IT, engineering, marketing or other unique skills to help launch the next big idea!

If you’re interested in taking part, join the Launchpad Student Community on Facebook or contact us.

See our student community in action

Watch the Murdoch Launchpad student video series.

Think Big

Think Big is our annual student entrepreneur competition which spans our Perth, Dubai and Singapore campuses. Students pitch their business idea for the opportunity to win $10,000!

Further details will be announced in early 2022.

Events and specialised equipment

If you have your own idea for an event that you would like to run at Launchpad, we can help. We encourage Murdoch students and staff to run events such as hackathons and industry panels at Launchpad.

Launchpad has state-of-the-art facilities and event space which includes:

Want to find out more?

If you would like to learn more about events and facilities at Launchpad or how you can work with us, contact us at, or visit us at 350.3.003.